Strategic Planning

If you don’t know what strategic planning is, this is why you need a planning adviser.

We can help you get you write your key business objectives down on paper, what your business really stands for and break this all down into identifiable elements. We can then bench test you against your competition, find out what they are doing well or badly and help you stand out from them so that new customers chose you.

We usually break down the planning into what can be achieved in one year, three years and five years.

Some key elements of a successful business are as follows:

  • Strong branding.
  • A good name.
  • Identifiable as organised and providing a good service.
  • Reliable – every time the customer deals with you the service is the same.
  • A business that can be broken down into a processes so staff can be trained.
  • A clean workplace or retail space.
  • Presentable staff and vehicles.
  • A marketing function that keeps promoting the business.
  • A strong leader running the business overseeing all of the above.

If you would like help in putting a plan together please contact David Kirk or Adrian Hills in Exeter. If you would like to see an example plan contact us and we will send you one for free.